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Housing and Accommodations

On Campus Housing

UC Santa Cruz on-campus housing offers apartments with dorm-style lodgings, including single bedrooms with a shared living room, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom. Each participant will be offered a single room. Basic household and kitchen amenities will be provided in these spaces. Additionally, a linen pack may be rented for $49 for four weeks. More detailed information regarding on-campus housing options and prices is forthcoming.

UCSC WiFi can be unpredictable in the residences, but all apartments are equipped with ethernet ports, so it is recommended to bring an ethernet cable and adapter in order to access the internet from the apartments. WiFi is available in all meeting spaces and libraries. Please note: many tablets do not have ethernet capability.

On-campus housing is uniquely available to those affiliated with the NEH program. If you are traveling with family or friends who are not a part of the Summer Seminar, please note the off-campus housing section below. If you do choose to live on campus, a portion of your stipend will be applied to the housing, so you will receive a reduced stipend at the conclusion of the seminar.


Apartment Virtual Tour

Click on the videos below to view examples of on-campus apartment facilities, single and double bedrooms, and the kitchen/living area. Please note, actual room size, layout, and furniture configuration may vary.

Off-Campus Housing

If you prefer the flexibility of off-campus housing, there are a wide range of off-campus housing options available. Upon acceptance to the seminar, NEH Summer Scholars will receive recommendations regarding off-campus housing and local short-term rentals. In the meantime, Airbnb, Homeaway, VRBO, and Craigslist are excellent sources for locating off-campus housing to suit your needs.

To give you an idea of pricing in July, a 3-bedroom house in Santa Cruz can be expected to cost about $3,000-$4,000 for four weeks. Divided three ways (assuming participants share the house), the rent would come to $1,000-$2,000 per person for the month.

Though general off-campus lodging information will be forthcoming, it is ultimately the responsibility of the Summer Scholars to reserve and coordinate off-campus residence. If you choose to live off campus, you will receive your stipend in full.


University Resources Available to All Seminar Participants

  • As the UCSC campus is slightly removed from downtown Santa Cruz, either a parking permit or a bus pass will be provided to all Summer Scholars.
  • Borrowing privileges at McHenry Library.
  • Access to the UC Santa Cruz Zipcar program.
  • A month-long pass to access the campus athletics facilities (OPERS) may be purchased for $32.